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Safety & Security Improvements

    • Eliminate mobile classrooms at BMS-Prairie Campus, BMS-Station Campus, and Grove Avenue Elementary School
    • Enhance exterior building security at all schools
    • Upgrade safety in interior classrooms and hallways at all schools, which includes replacing analog security cameras with a digital system
    • Improve traffic circulation at pick-up/drop-off zones at Barrington High School
    • Add bollards and safety barriers in pick-up/drop-off zones at all schools
    • Renovate front entrance at Grove Avenue Elementary School
    • Upgrade fire alarm system at Sunny Hill Elementary School

Learning Environment Modernization

    • Build additional classroom space at all elementary schools to be used for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) instruction and students with special needs
    • Modernize learning environments at all schools
    • Build addition at Barrington High School with additional classroom space, cafeteria improvements, and a new student services area providing counseling, attendance, health services, and dean’s office in an easily accessible central location
    • Build additional classroom spaces at both middle schools
    • Build physical education and wellness addition, renovate Field of Dreams and varsity baseball field, and replace and relocate tennis courts at Barrington High School
    • Create architectural design work for a fine arts facility at Barrington High School (to allow for collaborative discussions with the community on a potential fine arts center in the future)

Infrastructure & Life Safety Upgrades

    • Repair and renovate all schools, including:

      • Heating
      • Air Conditioning
      • Electrical
      • Plumbing
      • Roofs
      • Doors
      • Windows
      • Masonry
      • Mechanical Systems
      • Kitchen Equipment

    • Install back-up generators at all schools
    • Make all entrances and exits at Barrington High School, Arnett C. Lines Elementary School, and Sunny Hill Elementary School ADA compliant
    • Upgrade restrooms and make them ADA compliant at all schools
    • Install new theatrical stage lighting in Barrington Middle School–Station Campus cafeteria
    • Remove septic and well water systems and replace with city water/sewer at Barbara B. Rose Elementary School
    • Make all stairs, gates, and exits ADA compliant at Arnett C. Lines Elementary School
    • Install handicap accessible ramp to front entrance at Hough Street Elementary
    • Replace elevator to make it ADA compliant at Grove Avenue Elementary School
    • Improve temperature control at Barrington Early Learning Center
    • Replace phone systems with new digital systems at all schools
    • Install new playground equipment at Sunny Hill Elementary School

    Project Cost Sheet