• Barrington 220’s K-12 Chinese Immersion program began in the 2010-11 and teaches students to become bilingual, bicultural and biliterate in Mandarin. This program was initiated with the support of a 2010 Federal Language Assistance Program (FLAP) grant, a long-standing program of the United States Department of Education. This federal grant was discontinued nationwide in the spring of 2012. However, the Barrington 220 Board of Education decided to continue the program in order to fulfill the original vision.

    In kindergarten 50% of the day is instructed in Mandarin and the other 50% is instructed in English. The 50/50 model continues through 5th grade. When the immersion students reach the middle and high school levels, they will continue their study of Chinese through the content areas, while the amount of class time devoted to Chinese Language Arts will decrease. 

    For answers to further questions, please contact Becky Wiegel, Director of Language Programs and Grants rwiegel@barrington220.org or 847-842-3522

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