• Barrington 220 is proud to offer a plethora of language opportunities for all students. Barrington values greatly and understands the benefits that being bilingual and/or multilingual can offer our students as we prepare them to be contributing members to our global world. The language opportunities we offer have a positive effect on our students intellectual growth, problem solving, and creative thinking skills. We pride ourselves on being able to both enrich and enhance each students educational experience with our many language opportunities.

    Barrington 220 offers Chinese Immersion, Spanish Dual Language and English Language Learning programs for students beginning in kindergarten. 

    Students who are not enrolled in any of those programs can begin taking world language classes in 6th grade. They can choose from five languages which include: Mandarin, Spanish, French, German and Latin. Courses for all five languages are available in grades 6-12.

  • Spanish Dual Language Program
  • Chinese Immersion Program
  • Chinese Immersion vs. Spanish Dual Language Comparison
  • English Language Learners (ELL) Programs