• Welcome to Hough Street School!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Welcome to Hough Street School! Whether you are a kindergarten parent or have an older student trans­ferring to Hough, you are likely very curious about your child’s new school. This will be an exciting journey for your entire family.  We want you to feel comfortable in the Hough community, so we’ve compiled a list of useful information to help you acclimate. You will likely have lots of questions during the first few months of school. Much of the information can be found on the Barrington 220 www.barrington220.org and Hough websites www.barrington220.org/hough.

    This handout is intended to be a quick reference to some of the more frequently asked questions.

    If you have additional items to discuss, please feel free to contact your teacher, Julie Sulak or Erica Ward in the front office (847-381-1108) or Principal Jim Aalfs (847-381-1108).


    What time does school start and end?

    School starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 2:40 p.m. on Mon­day, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Each Wednesday is “early day”, when school is dismissed at 2:10 p.m. Morning kindergarten begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 10:30 a.m.  The enrichment kindergarten program is 8:00 am - 2:40 pm.

     What is the first day of school?

    The first day of school for first through fifth grade is Monday, August 20, 2018.  The first day for kindergarten is Wednesday, August 22, 2018. Meet-the-teacher will be held at 2:00 pm on Friday, August, 17, 2018.

     Where are Lost and Found items?

    Students will see the items that have been found throughout each day in the main hallway near the library/media center.  We encourage parents to label all children’s belongings.  We will be donating any items not claimed at the end of each month.  

     Who should I call if my child is sick?

    It is important to notify school if your child is ill.  The prefered method to report absences is through your Parent Portal account via Infinite Campus.  The office can be reached at 847-381-1108, if necessary.  

    When is the last day of school?

    The last day of school will vary depending on our number of snow days. If we don’t have any snow days, school will end on Wednesday, May 29th, 2019.  Tradi­tionally, we make up an additional school day for every day canceled due to extreme weather conditions. You may view the 2018-19 calendar on the district website at www.barrington220.org.

     How does the school bus work?

    Your child will be picked up/dropped off at his or her designated bus stop.  The bus will bring your child to the Lincoln Avenue entrance near the large playground located on the south side of school.  The students will play on the playground until the whistle blows and they enter school. After school, bus riders will be directed to the proper door and will be assisted with boarding the appropriate bus.   Your child will be put on the bus unless a parent note has been sent to the office indicating a change.

    How does the traffic flow work before and after school for families who drive?

    In the morning, families driving from the east side of town should drop their children off next to Memorial Park on Lincoln Avenue across the street from the school.  Students will walk through the park and cross Hough Street with the crossing guard.  Families coming from the west side of town should park on Lill Street where a crossing guard will assist their children safely across Lincoln Avenue. Then, parents should drive west (left) onto Lincoln from Lill and avoid driving east down Lincoln toward Hough.  No cars may park, stand or stop in the bus zones on Lincoln Avenue near the school at any time for any reason.  

    At the end of the day, students who live on the east side of town must cross Hough Street with the crossing guard to Memorial Park and meet their rides on Lincoln Avenue.  All other parents must park on either Lill Street and walk to the playground to pick up their child, or they must park on Lake Street facing east (toward Hough Street) and walk to meet their child at the front of the school.  Parents who cannot park and walk to the front entrance may form a line facing east on Lake Street and wait for a staff member to call their child down to enter their car.  Parents should NOT park facing west on Lake Street and call out to their children to cross the street to enter their car.

    Again, parents are asked NOT to drive east down Lincoln toward the school at any time for any reason.

    Where does my child enter school in the morning and exit in the afternoon?

    For grades K-5, students line up at 7:55 a.m. on the playground and enter school using the service door.  Extended Self Contained (ESC) students are dismissed through the Lake Street exit. The rest of the students are dismissed near the back playground through the Lincoln Avenue exit.  

    What if I need to pick up my child who normally rides the bus?

    Parents must send a note to school with their child stating that the child will be picked up instead of riding the bus.

    What if my transportation plans change during the day?

    We ask parents to please discuss any changes in after school pick up with their child before school begins.  If an emergency arises, parents may call the front office and their child’s teacher will be notified.

    Am I welcome to stay on the playground with my child until school begins?

    For safety reasons, parents and siblings who do not attend Hough are asked to stay off of the playground in the mornings, however, parents may convene by the benches just outside of the playground area.  This allows parents to see their child, but won’t interfere with the morning line-up routine.

    What is the District program offered at Hough?

    Hough Street School is the proud home of the extended self contained (ESC) program which educates the gifted 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students from across the Barrington district.   

    Will my child have a snack during the day?

    Students will have one or two snacks each day. These should be sent to school individually with students each morning.  We encourage fresh fruits/vegetables in combination with a healthy carbohydrate and protein source. Please do not send snacks such as chips, cookies, or fruit snacks.  Some classrooms are peanut/tree nut aware; we ask that you do not send snacks that contain peanuts/tree nuts. Since some children may have food allergies, teachers will let parents know which snacks should be avoided. Older children are also encouraged to bring water bottles to school if they choose.  We recommend that children please use reusable water bottles and snack containers.

    What is the Infinite Campus Parent Portal?

    All families in Barrington 220 have online access to their child’s account. This is the online tool where parents can view and update family information, review/report attendances, pay fees, add funds to lunch accounts and other information.  Contact the Help Desk at 847-842-3580 with any issues.

    How do lunch cards work?

    Each student is assigned a special card that remains at school for lunch/milk purchases. Parents may replenish the card by going online to their child’s Infinite Campus account and using a credit card.


    Where is the main entrance to the school?

    The main entrance to Hough is on Lake Street.  For security reasons, the doors are locked at all times, so please press the buzzer to be let inside.  Once inside, you must go to the front desk with your current ID to be scanned in before entering the school.  

    Do I need to sign in if I am visiting or volunteering?

    There is a sign-in sheet for visitors and volun­teers in the office. All visitors, includ­ing parents, must first stop by the office for a volunteer badge before going into school classrooms or other areas. Please let the front office staff know the nature of your visit. They have a responsibility to know who is in the building and for what reason.  It is also important to sign out at the end of your visit.

    What if my child becomes sick during the school day?

    Sick children are sent to the school nurse, Natalie Hackl,  who will determine what is wrong. If a child has a fever, is vomiting, is nauseated, or cannot return to class, the nurse will call a parent to come and pick up the child.  For this reason, it is important that the front office have your current cell, work and home phone numbers updated in Infinite Campus.

    How are parents alerted of weather and other emergency information?

    Barrington 220 has an instant alert system that allows parents to be notified of snow days, weather emergencies or other situations that may affect students and parents.  Alerts are sent to phones/emails based on the preferences parents select in their Infinite Campus account.

    How should I communicate with my child’s teacher?

    All teachers have preferences, but most welcome phone calls and e-mail communication.  You should send a note in your child’s backpack in the morning to tell your teacher about picking up your child early, or about any changes to your child’s pickup routine. If you have a question about your child’s performance in the classroom or about issues relating to other children, it’s best to call/email the teacher directly to set up a meeting.

    How should I communicate with Mr. Aalfs?

    Mr. Aalfs welcomes phone calls (847-381-1108) and e-mails (jaalfs@barrington220.org). If you have questions about school policies, it is best to contact Mr. Aalfs directly.

    What if I need to bring my child to school late or pick them up early for a doctor’s appointment? There is a sign in/sign out sheet in the office. You must sign your child in or out if he or she is coming to school late or leaving school early. If at all possible, please call ahead and let the front office and your child’s teacher know your plans in advance.

    What’s the best way to get involved in my child’s classroom?

    Teachers have programs that enable parents to spend some time each week in the classroom helping out, such as reading and writing parents, etc. Your child’s teacher will provide a sign-up sheet at Back-to-School night in September.  You may also sign up to be a Room Parent.

    What do Room Parents do?

    Room Parents plan class parties, assist with other special days in the classroom, and help provide food for teachers and staff for our Teacher Appreciation Luncheons in May.  

    When are class parties held?

    There are three class parties during the year: Hallow­een, Winter (takes place during the final week  prior winter break) and Valentine’s Day. These parties are planned by room parents. At Hallow­een, Hough Street students participate in a special parade around the neighborhood, usually begin­ning after lunch.

    What is the birthday treat policy?

    We ask that you do not send classroom treats for your student’s birthday.

    Am I welcome to come to my child’s classroom unannounced?

    All visits should be arranged in advance. In general, coming to the classroom works best for all if a time has been arranged by the teacher and the parent. Unannounced visits are a disruption to the educational day and take time away from learning. Generally, parents are welcome to visit the classroom or school so long as the time of the visit is mutually agreed upon.



    What is the Hough Street PTO?

    The PTO stands for Parent Teacher Organization.  It is made of Hough parents that volunteer their time to oversee the many activities that the PTO provides, including fundraisers, family activities, and various projects around the school. All of the funds the PTO raises go toward providing the school with items (such as smart boards, brain carts, learning materials) and programs (such as author visits and assemblies) that help enrich our students’ educational experience.  The PTO encourages all parents to get involved by joining a committee and volunteering to help.

    How can I participate in the PTO?

    During registration for school, you will be asked to join the PTO by sending in your dues, which is $15 per family.  You can find information on the Hough website. If something appeals to you, you may sign up to join a committee when school begins.  We encourage everyone to attend the monthly PTO meetings. Co-Presidents for the 2018-2019 school year are: Kristy Habeck 224-622-2365 and Jenn Newman 773-220-4666.

    Please visit the PTO website at www.houghpto.org for further details.