5.90 Concussions

  • Barrington 220 complies with the Illinois Concussion Safety Act and has Return to Learn and Return to Play protocols in place for students PreKindergarten through grade 12. These protocols are implemented once the parent/guardian provides the school nurse or certified athletic trainer, with a written diagnosis of concussion made by a physician licensed to practice medicine in all of its branches in the State of Illinois or a certified athletic trainer. The physician outlines a plan of care that typically begins with an initial period of rest at home for 24-48 hours followed by returning to school, non-contact physical activities and social activities that do not exacerbate concussion symptoms significantly. School staff partners with parents, to monitor progress toward returning to school and returning to play full time. Parents sign and return the Post-concussion Consent form after all restrictions have been lifted.

    Parent Concussion Responsibilities and more information on concussions and head injuries.

    Return to Learn and Return to Play Protocols. The parents responsibilities and the school’s responsibilities are addressed in these protocols.

    BOE policy 7:305 Student Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries