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    Fiscal Overview

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    While the district is able to allocate approximately $2.5 million to $3 million every summer to various capital projects, this level of capital investment is not enough to make significant improvements to its buildings. In fact, the last time Barrington 220 was able to make significant capital improvements was about 20 years ago. In the late ‘90s the Barrington 220 taxpayers approved a series of referenda that resulted in the reinvestment in every school in the district, as well as building new elementary schools at Barbara B. Rose, Roslyn Road, Countryside and North Barrington. During this time period the community invested more than $120 million, which is currently being paid off through annual property taxes. The district’s current debt service for principal and interest payments will be complete after fiscal year 2021.


Fiscal overview from former Barrington 220 Board of Education President Brian Battle