Green Practices

  • Earth Week is every week at Lines! You probably already know this, but your kiddos are pretty fantastic conservationists already. In the lunchroom they recycle, compost and even donate extra food to local food pantries. Every year we move more waste out of the garbage can and into green uses. Our students even use wooden, compostable cutlery in the lunch room. But wait, that's not all!

    All of our PTO events strive to Go Green as well - we have water stations for reusable water bottles and use our recycling bins whenever and wherever possible. We started a plastic film recycling (think plastic baggies, plastic dry cleaning bags, grocery bags, etc) program this year as well. 

    To keep the momentum going for Earth Week, we are asking all of our Lines Families to look at their lunch and snack options and see if there are any opportunities to go "Waste Free!" Perhaps you can swap out plastic baggies with reusable containers, bags of chips for fruit, and so on. In January we worked on healthy snack options, so perhaps simply adding fruit that comes in a natural wrapper (bananas! oranges!) is a great way to go green AND add a little bit of nutrition to our educational mission!

    Stay tuned, as we head into Earth Week, we will share some extra ideas to help us all try to move toward Waste Free lunches at Lines. 

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    Go Green!

    The Lines Lunchroom is constantly looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly.  In the past few years, we've added compost bins and additional recycling education in the lunchroom.  We continue to look for ways to become a more environmentally friendly school!

    One area that we would love help addressing is lunch room food waste.  We've observed that kids throw away quite a bit of food during lunch. We are asking kids and parents to have a conversation about what is in the lunchbox and what actually gets eaten.

    Suggestions and Considerations:

    1. Consider limiting the number of items in a packed lunch to three.  

    2. Help or ask your child to make their lunch. Volunteers have noted that many sandwiches and wraps are thrown out whole. Consider that half a sandwich may be enough.

    3. If your child buys hot lunch, sending a lunchbox with a healthy snack is a great idea.  The lunch box can also be used to save uneaten lunchroom food.

    4. Consider asking kids to pick the fruit or veggies in their lunches from home (they claim they are old, not fresh) and send in sturdy reusable containers to avoid mushy fruits. Stay away from baggies if you can.  Dips may help with veggies and fruits.

    5. Most importantly continue to have a conversations about likes and dislikes with home and hot lunch.  Many hot lunches are thrown out whole as well.


    We are looking for volunteers who are interested in helping our students with recycling efforts during lunchtime. This guided effort helps students sort their lunch waste into there categories - recycle, compost or landfill. At the end of the year it is truly amazing to see the impact this program makes!  

    There are two shifts per day - 11:00 AM - 11:40 AM (K-2) or 11:45 AM - 12:25 PM (3-5) or you can volunteer for both!  

    Questions or if interested in helping a day or two per month please email us at