• Key Club
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    Key Club International

    This is the official website for Key Club International. There are some really good resources and it's interesting to just browse around. Here is where you can also find information regarding International Convention.

    Illinois-Eastern Iowa Key Club District (I-I District)

    Here is the site for our home district. It displays who our District Board is, and links to e-mail them. It also has links to other clubs in the I-I District, other Divisions (Barrington is located in Division 8) in the District, other District sites, Circle K, and Kiwanis sites.

    I-I District Division 8 Website

    Well, as some of you may know, every Key Club International District is divided up into Divisions. Our Key Club is located in Division 8, and here is the link that will get you to the website for our division. It has a calender and lists all of the other clubs also in Division 8.

    Student Volunteer Program

             Need good ideas as to where you can volunteer? This links to the BHS Student Volunteer Program, which includes a list of possible places to volunteer. The site also has the documents needed in order to volunteer, or if you wished to turn in your service hours.

    Contact Jennifer Robinson, sponsor, with any comments or questions.