5.80 - Chronic Health Conditions

  • Effective and safe management requires careful planning by our licensed professional school nurses.

    1. Please notify the nurse if your child has a chronic health condition such as: allergies, including life- threatening allergies, asthma, cancer, cardiac condition, diabetes, epilepsy, genetic disorders, immunological disorders, mental health disorders, neurological disorders, orthopedic disorders, or other.
    2. The nurse will coordinate the development of the Individualized Health Care Plan (IHP) and/or Emer- gency Care Plan (ECP). These individualized plans are designed to meet the student’s needs to fully access their educational programs.
    3. IHP’s and ECP’s are developed collaboratively with information from the family, the student, the student’s healthcare providers, and school staff, as appropriate. The IHP and/or ECP includes medical orders imple- mented at school, are reviewed at least annually, updat- ed as needed, and revised as significant changes occur in the student’s health status or medical treatment. The ECP ensures a plan of action is in place to maintain the student’s health and safety during a life-threatening emergency.
    1. Confidentiality is maintained by sharing the IHP and/or ECP only with school staff that has a need to know.

    For information, procedures and forms, click here.