• An Update from Mr. Johnson
    Barrington220.org/North April 13, 2017
    Key Dates
    PARCC Testing 3rd, 4th and 5th grade
    April 18-24, 2017
    BluePrint 22o Conversation at Station Middle School April 19, 2017
    NBS Dine out at Culver's
    April 21, 2017
    BluePrint 220 Conversation at Prairie Middle School April 24, 2017
    Make-up PARCC Testing
    April 24-28, 2017
    Family STEM Night at NBS  April 27, 2017
    Kindness Carnival                             
    April 28, 2017

    In This Issue
    PARCC testing will be taking place in our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms.  Please make sure that your children are well rested and have a healthy breakfast.  The 3rd-5th grade students will take 4 Math tests and 3 ELA(Reading) tests.  We will be encouraging them here at school to give their best effort and show the entire district just how hard they have worked the entire year. Please join with me to encourage our students to be resilient and give their best effort on these tests.  Here are a couple of suggestions on how you can help your children prepare for the tests:
    • Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep the night before the testing
    • Make sure your child eats breakfast the day of testing
    • Make sure your child wears comfortable clothes on the day of testing
    • Let your child know that he or she should take the testing seriously and do his or her best
    • Talk to your child about what to do while taking the test, including:
      • paying attention to directions
      • asking questions about the directions if they are not clear
      • reading each question carefully
      • eliminating wrong answers right away, then concentrating on remaining choices
      • double checking answers

    Test Anxiety Article
    Here is a brief article that highlights ways you can talk with your children as they head into testing.  This is not just good for the upcoming PARCC tests.  The information that is presented in this article is good for any time students are going into a test or a challenging situation.  The could be in athletics, fine arts or a typical day at school.  I hope you enjoy it.
    Pick-up and Drop-off Procedures
    Please remember to use extreme caution as you are dropping off your students and picking them up in the afternoon.  The process is very simple and information about the traffic flow can be found on-line.  The end of the day works very smoothly if you allow your child to get into your car on the passenger side.  It also helps if you do not exit your car when picking up your child.  The entire process usually takes about 7-9 minutes at the most.  I realize with many activities starting up that you need to get your children to specific locations, but their safety is more important.   

    Jim Basketball Jones Assembly
    We were lucky to have Jim Jones in our building on Tuesday, April 11th.  His message was positive and engaging for our staff and students.  He focused on manners, kindness, giving your best effort and that choices matter.  Throughout the presentation the students followed along and repeated the message that were presented.  Jim has overcome obstacles in his life that he spoke about that with the students.  His message was awesome and I know we all benefited by having him at our school.  If you follow me on twitter @NBarringtonColt you can see more pictures and a short video.
    Jim BBall Jones
    Climbing Wall
    The kids are having a great time exploring the new climbing wall!  We’ve learned basic rules to stay safe and have realized that climbing sideways takes a lot of muscular endurance.  There is still spelling, math, teamwork and fitness work that needs to be done while climbing!  The opportunities are endless.  Thank you again to all that made this possible.

    Kindness Carnival
    On April 28th we will celebrate our students that have met and exceeded behavioral expectations.  If you remember prior to winter break we had a "Horseshoe Hoedown" reward day.  These days are filled with fun activities as a reward for students earning 25 horseshoes.  They earn horseshoes for being responsible, respectful and safe throughout the building.  We are also handing them out for being kind to others which ties right into the theme of the day.  There will be more information to come about volunteer opportunities during this fun-filled day.

    In the Community
    BluePrint 220 Community Conversations
    The next round of Blueprint 220 community conversations are coming up.  This round is called Global Perspectives.  Both meetings will be identical and not school-specific. Community members are invited to attend the meeting that works best with their schedules.  Here is a brief description: 
    DLR will present topics touching K-12, higher education, and workplace from around the globe. Activities will include group ideation to gain feedback from the stakeholders on what the future might hold for Barrington 220. Meetings are open to all stakeholders and community members.
    April 19, 7:00- 8:30pm, Station Cafeteria
    April 24, 7:00 - 8:30pm, Prairie Cafeteria
    Here is a brief 2 minute video that gives you an overview of the process and how we are working with DLR.

    K.E.E.P. Before and After School Care at NBS
    As many of you already know we will be hosting the K.E.E.P. program at North Barrington next year.  Please visit the Park District website to register for this program that we are very excited to host.  The sooner you get registered the better.  This way we will have a better handle of the numbers that we should expect here at NBS.

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