World Language Honor Societies

  • It is our custom to honor students at our annual World Language Honor Societies Initiation Ceremony during the month of April. Due to the unforeseen school closure, however, we have rescheduled the ceremony for next fall. Once we return to school, an exact date and time for the initiation ceremony will be posted.

    2020 Senior Honor Society Inductees

    Ysabel Claudio: Chinese

    Ashley Hornback: Chinese

    Luke Peterson: Chinese

    Josephine Zastawny: Chinese

    Zoe Zakson: French

    Andrew Den Ouden: German

    Alexandra Malagon: Spanish



    Excellence in Chinese: Emma Peplinski

    Excellence in French: Aashna Patel
    AATF Outstanding Senior in French: Jonathan Louis
    Margot M. Steinhart Scholarship in French: Zoe Zakson

    Excellence in German: Marissa Faulkner

    Excellence in Latin: Abraham Holtermann

    Excellence in Spanish: Calista Brady & Tyler Gabis
    Heritage Speaker Achievement Award: Carlos Gámez


    Seniors receiving this award must:

    • have completed the AP sequence in one language or be currently enrolled in the 4th or 5th year.
    • be currently enrolled in at least the second year of another language.
    • have “A” average work in both languages during the course of study.

    Julia Borowska: AP Spanish Language & French IV Honors

    Ysabel Claudio: AP French Language & Chinese II Honors

    Eric Kocol: Spanish V Honors & German III Honors

    Benjamin Meitzler: AP Spanish Literature, AP Spanish Language & Chinese IV Honors

    Jenna Thierry: AP Spanish Language & Chinese IV Honors

    Zoe Zakson: AP Chinese Language & French III Honors