Mission and Vision

Photo of Countryside
  • Vision: Countryside encourages continuous learning and personal growth for all students. 

    Mission: Each day Countryside students grow academic and emotional intelligence through collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

Educational Beliefs

  • Assessment and Instruction

    • Professional collaboration leads to growing our craft.
    • Partnering with parents helps to maximize student potential.
    • A positive attitude is modeled and nurtured.
    • Teachers differentiate to support all learners.
    • Learners self-assess, set goals, work towards meeting goals, and reflect on progress made in order to grow as a learner and person.
    • Learners take risks and grow from mistakes.
    • Assessment must be: ongoing, useful, represent a continuum of learning, and provide data that informs instruction.
    • Knowledge and value of self is not measured by a test. Students are more than their test score.


    Social Emotional Learning

    • Students learn best when they feel safe and secure.
    • We celebrate, accept, and nurture the individual, cultural, ethnic, and academic differences among staff, students, and families.
    • Building connections and relationships with each other improves learning.
    • Our community encourages compassion and respect for self and others.