• Q: How many years of foreign language does a student need for college? 

    A: Students need to check with the university/college to which they are applying for foreign language requirements. A general guideline of two years of the same language is required to get into college. However, four years of the same language is required to graduate from college. The four years taken in high school could fulfill this college graduate requirement.

    Q: Do the years of a foreign language taken in the middle school count towards the "two-year" requirement of a foreign language requested by most universities/colleges? 

    A: No, universities and colleges look at high school transcripts, not middle school grades. However, the language taken at the middle school serves as a placement to a higher level language course as an incoming freshman student.

    Q: Where can a person get information on available foreign language tutors? 

    A: Please call the secretary of the Foreign Language department for a current list and phone numbers of tutors available in the community.