Green Council

    The Green Council is a group of volunteers in District 220 Schools who are committed to the HESS vision. We strongly believe in the power of action and have worked hard with school administrators and staff to help advance the goals outlined by the Board of Education in the HESS value statement. 
    Our goals are to help:

    leaf Create a healthier environment by partnering with Barrington 220’s HESS Committee and leadership at District 220 schools to ensure the optimal health of the school’s physical environment. 
    leaf Create a more sustainable environment by finding ways to reduce waste generated by schools and working with the district to minimize buildings’ environmental impact.
    leaf Instill environmental and nutritional awareness by establishing and supporting student efforts to improve their environment, and by implementing developmentally appropriate educational programs that teach healthy habits for life.

    In the 2016-2017 school year, we are committed to assisting the HESS committee in advancing the HESS goals through the following efforts:
    Assistance with implementation of a District 220-approved food recovery program. Our cafeterias generate tremendous waste, and this presents an excellent opportunity to educate and empower our children to make healthier choices. In a food recovery pilot at Countryside Elementary School, over 750 pounds of food and milk have been recovered and donated to local food pantries in just 15 weeks. Mindful Waste, an area nonprofit, has received funds and district approval to expand this program throughout District 220 - but will need volunteer support to be successful.
    Help to establish and oversee consistent recycling and/or composting programs in all District 220 schools. Our goal is to establish best practices and maintain a consistent system in each school, so that as students move through the district schools, the sorting process remains the same - intuitive and efficient. Hough Street School has been piloting the district’s first food scrap composting effort, and are now diverting over 50% of their waste from the landfill to a commercial composting facility. 
    Support student-driven environmental initiatives through the creation and sponsorship of extracurricular green clubs. We also hope to establish and maintain relationships with area organizations that support students’ involvement in environmental education projects.
    For more information, please contact Renee Blue or Jennifer Kainz.