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    leaf The North Barrington Elementary School PTO Environmental Awareness Committee was established at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. Since its inception, members of the committee and volunteers have been working closely with principal Johnson, all of the teachers, support staff, and janitorial staff to help raise awareness about what it means to be green, what to recycle and not to recycle as well as what can be upcycled. We started our efforts to make our school healthier and more sustainable in the cafeteria and are planning to expand our efforts to other areas of the school, as well. For further information regarding environmental awareness activities at North Barrington School, please contact Anita Knotekova.

    leaf In the late spring of 2016, prior to establishing the actual PTO Environmental Awareness Committee, we conducted our first waste audit in order to both establish a base line as well as to assess the amount of waste that could be recycled, composted and hence diverted from landfill. We had the the support of Principal Johnson, NBS PTO, NBS volunteers and Environmental Awareness Chairs from both Hough Street and Roslyn Road elementary schools. Out of the 73.09 pounds of waste and uneaten food, only 5.99 pounds was truly landfill waste. We determined that the rest of the waste could either be upcycled, recycled, composted or recovered and donated.

    leaf During every lunch, the North Barrington Elementary School students are currently involved in sorting liquids, recycling, and landfill items as well as TerraCycling their juice and GoGo squeeze pouches and participating in the Trex plastic film program. We are partnering up with Roslyn Road elementary school for the juice pouches TerraCycling bridage. In addition, e have also partnered up with the Cuba Township Food pantry and are participating in a food recovery program similar to some of the other schools such as Countryside and Hough Street. On average, we currently recover and donate about 8 to 12 pounds of food a day from our four lunch periods with 456 students.

    leaf The North Barrington Elementary School currently does not have a Green Club but we are hoping that this will change by beginning of the next school year. Even though we do not have a Green Club this year, we hope to communicate and coordinate all of our efforts with the North Barrington School elementary families via a "Green Corner" in the PTO email newsletter.