Arnett C. Lines Elementary

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    For information about environmental awareness efforts at Lines School, please contact Helen Lodowsky.

    Leaf Students are currently being invited to join the Lines School Green Club.

    Goals of the Green Club:

    • To promote environmental awareness by implementing class projects and challenges emphasizing the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle).
    • To enhance wellness by choosing healthy food, reducing waste in the classroom and cafeteria as well as enhancing the outdoor environment by promoting optimal use of the garden at Lines.

    Leaf Garden: The existing garden at Lines is separated by grade level, but we hope to involve other grades, increase space and purchase a rain barrel with money raised through the Terracycle program.

    Leaf Cafeteria Waste Reduction Initiative:

    We conducted a waste audit in early October, 2016. The waste audit determined that 45 lbs. of compostable waste could be diverted from landfills each day. Our goal is to reduce waste in the cafeteria by separating waste (landfill, recycling, composting, liquid) to divert as much as possible from our landfills. Compost will be picked up by the waste hauler once per week. We have applied for a grant through SWANCC (Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County) for funds to purchase waste sorting stations to help students easily sort waste during lunch periods. We are also working to recover and recycle clean plastic baggies, chip bags, and Go-Go Squeeze containers.