• HESS (Healthy and Environmentally Sustainable Schools) 

    In 2009, 330 District 220 staff members and community members drafted a list of Strategic Values in order to define a vision for success for students within the school district. Among the values identified at that time was HESS (Healthy and Environmentally Sustainable Schools): "Promoting ecological sustainability, pursuing green building and maintenance practices, changing resource consumption patterns, and serving nutritious food will teach students and staff to be responsible stewards of their communities and the earth as well as our natural and financial resources."

    The District maintains a committee charged with the task of implementing the goals outlined in the HESS value.

    In simple terms, the goals of the Barrington 220 HESS Committee are to:

    leaf Create a healthier environment

    leaf Create a more sustainable environment

    leaf Instill environmental and nutritional awareness by education

    Click here to find an in-depth outline of HESS goals. 

    Mindful Waste - Food is our Future from Bellwether Creative on Vimeo.