The following drop off and pick up procedures are in place to ensure the safety of everyone:


    Traffic flow procedures before and after school for families who drive:


    • Morning Drop Off: 
      • Families driving from the east side of town should drop their children off next to Memorial Park on Lincoln Avenue across the street from the school.  Students will walk through the park and cross Hough Street with the crossing guard.  
      • Families coming from the west side of town should park on Lill Street where a crossing guard will assist their children safely across Lincoln Avenue. Then, parents should drive west (left) onto Lincoln from Lill and avoid driving east down Lincoln toward Hough.  
      • No cars may park, stand or stop in the bus zones on Lincoln Avenue.  


    Please do not park in the Salem Church lot as those spaces are reserved for staff.  


    • Afternoon Pick Up:
      • Students who live on the east side of town must cross Hough Street with the crossing guard to Memorial Park and meet their rides on Lincoln Avenue.  
      • All other parents must park on either Lill Street and walk to the playground to pick up their child, or they must park on Lake Street facing east (toward Hough Street) and walk to meet their child at the front of the school.  
      • Parents who cannot park and walk to the front entrance may form a line facing east on Lake Street (behind the buses) and wait for a staff member to call their child down to enter their car.  
      • Parents should NOT park facing west on Lake Street and call out to their children to cross the street to enter the car.