6.50 - Cafeteria Rules [HS-Open Lunch]

  • Lunch Rules

    Students may leave campus or proceed to the cafeteria during lunch. The following rules shall be observed and abided by during lunch:

    • Students shall choose whether they will leave campus or stay in the cafeteria during lunch each day.
    • Students leaving campus must do so immediately upon dismissal from class.
    • Students shall not loiter in the halls or classrooms, and shall immediately proceed to their lunch destination upon dismissal from class.
    • Students who choose to stay in the school for lunch shall immediately proceed to the cafeteria. Students shall obey all cafeteria rules during lunch.
    • If students are utilizing a vehicle to go to their chosen destination, students must obey all traffic laws and school rules while off campus. Drivers shall pay particular attention around the school where there is a high concentration of students leaving the building for lunch, and shall yield to pedestrians, and obey school zone speed limits. Violations of school rules that occur during lunch may result in discipline.
    • If students are walking to their chosen destination, they shall obey signs and signals, and shall carefully cross streets and intersections.
    • Students shall be respectful, courteous, and safe at their chosen lunch location. Students shall obey rules and laws, and shall clean up after themselves before returning to school.
    • Students shall return to the school building on-time.

    Cafeteria Rules

    • Students shall not save seats for other students.
    • Loud talking, yelling, screaming, and other disruptions are prohibited.
    • Students shall not throw food, drinks.
    • Students shall not trade food.
    • Vending machines are provided for student convenience. Students shall not misuse, abuse, attempt to dismantle or cheat the machine, and must wait in line to use the machines. Students may not save spots in line, cut in line, or otherwise cheat or intimidate their way into line.
    • Students shall not save places in line, cut in line, or otherwise cheat or intimidate their way into line for food service.
    • Students shall not leave the cafeteria until the after the appropriate tone rings, or otherwise directed by staff.
    • Students shall follow the instructions of the cafeteria aides and other staff and show proper respect toward all cafeteria personnel.
    • Students shall immediately become silent when staff or presenters make announcements in the cafeteria.
    • Students shall report spills and broken containers to cafeteria staff immediately;

    Misbehavior will result in disciplinary action in according to the school’s disciplinary procedures.