4.15 Bus Conduct

  • Students are expected to follow all schools when riding the school bus.  A student may be suspended from riding the bus for up to 10 consecutive school days for engaging in gross disobedience or misconduct, including but not limited to, the following:

    1. Violating any school rule or school district policy.
    2. Willful injury or threat of injury to a bus driver or to another rider.
    3. Willful and/or repeated defacement of the bus.
    4. Repeated use of profanity.
    5. Repeated willful disobedience of a directive from a bus driver or other supervisor.
    6. Such other behavior as the building principal deems to threaten the safe operation of the bus and/or its occupants.

    If a student is suspended from riding the bus for gross disobedience or misconduct on a bus, the School Board may suspend the student from riding the school bus for a period in excess of 10 days for safety reasons.

    A student suspended from riding the bus who does not have alternate transportation to school shall have the opportunity to complete or make up work for equivalent academic credit. It shall be the responsibility of the student’s parent or guardian to notify the school that the student does not have alternate transportation.

    Barrington 220 Policy 4:110, Transportation
    Barrington 220 Policy 7:220, Bus Conduct