2.100 - Home and Hospital Instruction

  • A student who is absent from school, or whose physician, physician assistant or licensed advanced practice registered nurse anticipates his or her absence from school, because of a medical condition may be eligible for instruction in the student’s home or hospital. 

    Appropriate educational services from qualified staff will begin no later than five school days after receiving a written statement from a physician, physician assistant, or licensed advanced practice registered nurse. Instructional or related services for a student receiving special education services will be determined by the student’s individualized education program. 

    A student who is unable to attend school because of pregnancy will be provided home instruction, correspondence courses, or other courses of instruction before (1) the birth of the child when the student’s physician, physician assistant, or licensed advanced practice nurse indicates, in writing, that she is medically unable to attend regular classroom instruction, and (2) for up to 3 months after the child’s birth or a miscarriage. 

    For information on home or hospital instruction, contact:  Director of Special Education (847) 381-6300. 

    Cross Reference:  PRESS 6:150, Home and Hospital Instruction