1.40 - Visitors

  • Visitors

    All visitors, including parents and siblings, are required to enter through the front door of the building and proceed immediately to the building’s main office and receive permission to remain on school premises.  Visitors should identify themselves and inform office personnel of their reason for being at school.  Visitors must show identification and follow building procedures, including wearing a visitor’s badge and lanyard while on school premises.  Visitors must return to the main office to sign out and return their visitor badge and lanyard.  

    Any person wishing to confer with a staff member should contact that staff member to make an appointment. Conferences with teachers are held, to the extent possible, outside school hours or during the teacher’s conference/preparation period.

    Visitors are expected to abide by all school rules during their time on school property.   A visitor who fails to conduct himself or herself in a manner that is appropriate will be asked to leave and may be subject to criminal penalties for trespass and/or disruptive behavior.

    No person on school property or at a school event shall perform any of the following acts:

    1. Strike, injure, threaten, harass, or intimidate a staff member, board member, sports official or coach, or any other person.
    2. Behave in an unsportsmanlike manner or use vulgar or obscene language.
    3. Unless specifically permitted by State law, possess a weapon, any object that can reasonably be considered a weapon or looks like a weapon, or any dangerous device.
    4. Damage or threaten to damage another’s property.
    5. Damage or deface school property.
    6. Violate any Illinois law or municipal, local or county ordinance.
    7. Smoke or otherwise use tobacco products.
    8. Distribute, consume, use, possess, or be impaired by or under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, cannabis, other lawful product, or illegal drug.
    9. Be present when the person’s alcoholic beverage, cannabis, other lawful product, or illegal drug consumption is detectible, regardless of when and/or where the use occurred.
    10. Use or possess medical cannabis, unless he or she has complied Illinois’ Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act and district policies.
    11. Impede, delay, disrupt, or otherwise interfere with any school activity or function (including using cellular phones in a disruptive manner).
    12. Enter upon any portion of school premises at any time for purposes other than those that are lawful and authorized by the board.
    13. Operate a motor vehicle: (a) in a risky manner, (b) in excess of 20 miles per hour, or (c) in violation of an authorized district employee’s directive.
    14. Engage in any risky behavior, including roller-blading, roller-skating, or skateboarding.
    15. Violate other district policies or regulations, or a directive from an authorized security officer or district employee.
    16. Engage in any conduct that interferes with, disrupts, or adversely affects the district or a school function.


     Cross-reference:  PRESS 8:30, Visitors to and Conduct on School Property