11.30 - Student Biometric Information

  • The Superintendent or designee may recommend a student biometric information collection system solely for the purposes of identification and fraud prevention. Such recommendation shall be consistent with budget requirements and in compliance with State law. Biometric information means any information that is collected through an identification process for individuals based on their unique behavioral or physiological characteristics, including fingerprint, hand geometry, voice or facial recognition or iris or retinal scans. 

    Before collecting student biometric information, the District shall obtain written permission from the person having legal custody parental responsibility, or the student (if over the age of 18). Upon a student's 18th birthday, the District shall obtain written permission from the student to collect student biometric information. Failure to provide written consent to collect biometric information shall not be the basis for refusal of any services otherwise available to a student. 

    All collected biometric information shall be stored and transmitted in a manner that protects it from disclosure. Sale, lease or other disclosure of biometric information to another person or entity is strictly prohibited. 

    The District will discontinue use of a student's biometric information and destroy all collected biometric information within 30 days after: (1) the student graduates or withdraws from the School District, or (2) the District receives a written request to discontinue use of biometric information from the person having legal custody/parental responsibility of the student or the student (if over the age of 18). Requests to discontinue using a student's biometric information shall be forwarded to the Superintendent or designee.

    The Superintendent or designee shall develop procedures to implement this policy consistent with State and federal law.

    Barrington 220 Policy 7:340, Student Records