12.20 - Standardized Testing

  • The standardized testing program in District 220 is designed to gather information on the academic progress of each student and to evaluate the effectiveness of the instructional program. Testing assists staff members in planning educational programs to meet the needs of the individual student. To indivdiualize instruction, it is necessary to determine a student's instructional levels and to assess annually the degree to which he/she has achieved masters of the curricular objectives. The goal of the educational process is to help each student meet his/her maximum potential. Placement and/or diagnostic tests in reading or math also may be administered. The information gained from such tests provides valuable assistance in the individualization of instruction. Parents are informed of all testing. 

    Parents can assist their students achieve their best performance by doing the following:

    1. Encourage students to work hard and study throughout the year;
    2. Ensure students get a good night’s sleep the night before exams;
    3. Ensure students eat well the morning of the exam, particularly ensuring they eat sufficient protein;
    4. Remind and emphasize for students the importance of good performance on standardized testing;
    5. Ensure students are on time and prepared for tests, with appropriate materials;
    6. Teach students the importance of honesty and ethics during the performance of these and other tests

    For more information, please contact the Director of Data and Program Evaluaton at (847) 381-6300.

    Barrington 220 Policy 6:340, Student Testing and Assessment Programs