6.50 - Cafeteria Rules [K-8]

    1. Students shall not save seats for other students.
    2. Students shall walk to lunch and shall be orderly and quiet during lunch.
    3. Trays shall be stacked neatly after placing silverware in its proper container. No food shall leave the cafeteria.
    4. Loud talking, yelling, screaming, and other disruptions are prohibited.
    5. Students shall not throw food, milk cartons or other items.
    6. Students shall not trade food.
    7. Students shall follow the instructions of the lunchroom aides and show proper respect toward all cafeteria personnel.
    8. Students shall remain seated while in the cafeteria except to return to the lunch line or return trays.
    9. Students shall immediately become silent when staff or presenters make announcements in the cafeteria.
    10. Students shall report spills and broken containers to cafeteria staff immediately.
    11. Students shall be dismissed from the cafeteria by the lunch room supervisor.