2.20 - Student Absences

  • There are two types of absences: excused and unexcused. Excused absences include: illness, observance of a religious holiday, death in the immediate family, family emergency, situations beyond the control of the student, circumstances that cause reasonable concern to the parent/guardian for the student’s safety or health, or other reason as approved by the principal. All other absences are considered unexcused. Pre-arranged excused absences must be approved by the principal.

    The school may require documentation explaining the reason for the student’s absence.

    In the event of any absence, the student’s parent or guardian is required to call the school before 8:00 a.m. to explain the reason for the absence. If a call has not been made to the school by 10:00 a.m. on the day of a student’s absence, a school official will call the home to inquire why the student is not at school. If the parent or guardian cannot be contacted, the student will be required to submit a signed note from the parent or guardian explaining the reason for the absence. Failure to do so shall result in an unexcused absence. Upon request of the parent or guardian, the reason for an absence will be kept confidential.

    Cross Reference:
    Barrington 220 Policy 7:70, Attendance and Truancy