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  • Influenza (the FLU)

    Posted by Eva Detloff on 2/12/2020

    The Centers for Disease Control reports that influenza is high in Illinois and most of the United States.

    The CDC recommends the following three steps to prevent the spread of the flu

    1. Get vaccinated with the influenza vaccine

    2. Take measures to prevent the spread of germs (cover your cough with a tissue or your sleeve, wash your hands, stay home if you are sick)

    3. Get treatment if you have the flu. Call your health provider, they will help determine if you should take prescribed antiviral medications


    Learn more about symptoms of a cold virus and the flu

    Cold versus Flu: English / Espanol


    Please review our Sick Day Guidelines for students, to help prevent the spread of illness at school. (Espanol)


    Flu Guide for Parents: English / Espanol 




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