School Practices and Procedures

  • Absences:

    If your child will be not be in attendance or late to school, please call the school office at 847-381-4340 before 9:15 a.m.  If your child will be out for an extended period of time, one call or note with all dates will suffice.  If you do not report an absence, the school will contact your home, work, or emergency number so that we can account for your child.

    Students excused from school during the school day must be signed out at the school office by a parent or legal guardian.  Parents are to pick up the child from the main office so as not to disturb the classroom instruction.  If the child returns on the same day, it is necessary to sign the child back in. 

    The State Board of Education Auditor’s Division has specified that the following attendance requirements be met for a student to be counted as present for the day:

    • Kdg. AM:  Must arrive by 8:35 AM or leave after 10:05 AM for half day attendance
    • Kdg. PM:  Must arrive by 12:35 PM or leave after 2:00 PM for half day attendance
    • 1st grade:  Must arrive by 8:50 AM (Wed. at 8:20 AM) for full day or leave after 12:50 PM (Wed. at 12:20 PM) for full day. Half day attendance is equal to 120 minutes.
    • 2nd - 5th grade:  Must arrive by 8:50 AM (Wed. at 8:20 AM) or leave after 1:50 PM (Wed. at 1:20 PM) for full day attendance. Half day attendance is equal to 150 minutes.

    School attendance is mandated, so please make every possible effort to send your child to school and to be on time.  If possible, please set doctor and dentist appointments for after school hours.  It is highly recommended that vacations be taken during the non school time.  There is no substitute for a student participating in the classroom environment, and many instructional activities can not be duplicated outside of the classroom.   Teachers are not required to provide teaching materials/homework for those who choose to take a vacation during school.  Students who arrive late to school will be marked “tardy”, even if a parent calls in to explain the reason for being late.  

    Bus Transportation:

    Bus Transportation is provided by Barrington Transportation Company (847-381-1043).  Please refer to the District School Bell and North Barrington School Expectations for details regarding rules and conduct.  Questions or concerns regarding your child’s bus route may be addressed directly to Barrington Transportation Company (see phone above).  Issues of significant concern should be brought to the principal’s attention.

    School bus riders, while in transit, are under the jurisdiction of the school bus driver.  All students may be assigned seats, and seating changes will be made by the bus driver and/or principal, as deemed necessary.  Problems with bus conduct will be handled as follows:

    • If the student’s behavior is objectionable, the driver will intervene to stop the behavior.
    • Should objectionable behavior continue, the bus driver will fill out a report form and direct it to the school office. Students and parents will be notified of the bus incident by the school principal, or designee.
    • A third bus infraction may result in denial of bus privileges for a designated period of time. Students and parents will be notified of any bus suspension.
    • Further infractions will result in longer suspension of bus services.
    • If the conduct problem is initially extreme, then steps 1 & 2 may be passed over.

    Several improvements to enhance the safety and security of your child have been made in the Barrington 220 School District. Among them is the addition of digital video and audio observation cameras on 78 of the Barrington Transportation Company’s largest passenger buses. These clearly identified cameras will help ensure children are behaving appropriately and will provide clarification should an incident occur. Most importantly, on buses where they are installed, the cameras will record audio and video of all routes to monitor the wellbeing of your child while riding to and from school.

    Any video or audio recorded during bus routes will be maintained with absolute discretion and will not be available to the public through the Freedom of Information Act. When necessary, recordings will be reviewed with strict confidentiality only by authorized administrators or authorities.  This measure is being taken at considerable expense because the school district values the welfare of students who depend on daily bus transportation. Please remind your child that considerate school bus conduct – as described in our school handbook – is often the best deterrent to any issues. However, when bus misbehavior comes to the attention of district personnel, the video and audio recordings will now provide better documentation to resolve matters and discourage similar disturbances from occurring again in the future.

    A complete text of this new policy is provided in the School Bell publication for grades K-5 or on the school district website. Should you have further questions or concerns about this change, please feel free to call the building principal.

    Most of the buses are loaded to capacity, only those pupils who are eligible for regular transportation are permitted to ride on the buses.  Children are NOT allowed to switch buses.  If a child is getting off the same bus at another stop, a note must be written by the parent and signed by the office, then presented to the bus driver for the ride home.

    During inclement weather, buses will always run, unless school is canceled.  However, bus routes may run long and behind schedule, especially when it is snowing.  Please do not call the main office to find out when the bus will arrive at your bus stop.


    Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled for October and March. However, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our staff at anytime to discuss progress or any concerns you may have about your child.  Please utilize the staff member’s direct line or email to make initial contact. All concerns within the classroom should first be directed to the teacher.

    Drop-off/Pick-Up Procedures

    The parking lot is very hectic and crowded during Arrival and Dismissal times.  Please use caution and patience when driving in our parking lot to help us maintain safety of all our students.  Use of cell phones is prohibited in the parking lot, as we need all drivers full attention.  We have several staff members helping with dismissal in the parking lot, so please follow their directions.

    Morning supervision begins at 7:45 AM, so please do not bring your child to school prior to that time.  We can not be responsible for your child’s safety and welfare prior to 7:45 AM.  Children who arrive between 7:45-7:55 AM should go in the front door until the bell rings. Children are not allowed in the classrooms prior to 7:55 AM., unless given permission by the classroom teacher. Children who arrive after 7:55 AM. should go directly to their classrooms.

    School dismisses at 2:40 PM (2:10 PM on Wed.).  Again, this is a very hectic time in our parking, so please use caution and patience when picking up your child.  You may pick up your child along the curb past the main entrance.   We encourage parents to wait until after 2:45 PM to pick up their child(ren), as the lot will be less congested at that time!

    Staff will assist in helping students locate their buses, and a color flag will also help students visually recognize their bus.  Buses typically leave our parking lot ten minutes after the bell rings.

    Dropping off Items at School for Your Child

    We try to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum.  Any essential items/messages must be left in the main office.  Your child will be called to come to the office to pick up forgotten items or messages, when there is an appropriate break.  We do not interrupt classroom instruction, unless it is an emergency.  Any non-essential items should come to school the following day.

    End of the Day Messages:

    The end-of-the-day preparations for dismissal are sometimes hectic.  When we receive very last minute transportation and activity instructions and reminders for your child, we cannot always get them delivered on time.  Please try to set plans before your child comes to school, or call us before 1:30 p.m. (1:00 p.m. on Wed.) with necessary changes.

    Food Practices:

    Our Wellness Committee, made up of both parents and staff at North Barrington convened last year to discuss our current food practices. Due to the increase of food-related allergies and medical conditions and our efforts with promoting healthy habits for children, our committee created guidelines for our school.

    • Daily Snack: Students will be encouraged to bring in only healthy snacks which would give them brain power and sustained energy throughout the day. Students will also be allowed to keep water bottles in the classroom in a place designated by the teacher. Classroom snacks may be restricted based on individual health requirements. 
    • Food-Involved Class Activities: Food is a part of the class environment as a motivator as well as an instructional tool. Teachers and the PTO will limit “food-involved” classroom/grade level activities to 4-6 events per school year. This practice will attempt to bring a level of reasonableness to the amount of times a parent needs to be concerned with a potential conflict to their child.

    • Birthdays: We believe that birthday celebrations are important in the elementary school. However, we determined that birthdays do not need to be celebrated with the sharing of a treat. Therefore, birthday treats will NOT be permitted in the classrooms. (Parents, please follow this practice, as we do not wish to create a disappointing situation for a child who brings in treats and is told he/she can not distribute them.)

    We will continue to celebrate birthdays with student recognition as part of our morning announcements, a birthday pencil and sticker supplied by the office, the PTO sponsored Birthday Book Club, and other special classroom traditions, which will be determined by the individual teachers. We know that the students will feel very celebrated on their special day! Students who do not have a birthday during the school year will be given a day designated as the birthday celebration.

    • Designated School Parties: Halloween and Valentine's Day are designated as two school celebrations, which are organized by our PTO Room Parents. Room Parents will be made aware of any special food considerations (allergies and medical conditions) so that they can prepare a safe menu of food. Treats will be allowed at these class parties in accompaniment of healthy alternatives. 

    The committee's intention with our new food guidelines is to ensure safety and promote healthy habits while our students are young. We hope you will see that our guidelines provide an appropriate balance, which is what we all strive to achieve in our lives!

    Communication with the classroom teacher and school nurse is essential for students with special, food-related conditions. Please notify the school nurse if your child has any food related allergies or conditions so that she can communicate this to the teacher, and create a health emergency plan, as needed.

    Lost and Found:

    The “Lost and Found” is located in the first grade hallway.  Please put your child’s name on all outer clothing, gym shoes, boots, backpacks, and lunchboxes. Periodically throughout the year, unclaimed items are donated to charity.


    Lunch is available to all North Barrington students on a daily basis.  All checks should be made payable to CUSD 220.  Please send name of student and teacher when sending payment. The lunch menu is also available for view on the district website.  Applications for federally funded free and reduced lunches are available in the main office.

    -Lunch/Recess Schedule:

    • Kindergarten: 11-11:20am (lunch) and 11:20-11:40am (recess) 

    • First Grade: 11-11:20am (lunch) and 11:20-11:40am (recess) 

    • Second Grade: 11:45-12:05pm (recess) and 12:05-12:25pm (lunch) 

    • Third Grade: 11:45-12:05pm (lunch) and 12:05-12:25pm (recess) 

    • Fourth Grade: 11-11:20am (recess) and 11:20-11:40am (lunch) 

    • Fifth Grade: 11:45-12:05pm (recess) and 12:05-12:25pm (lunch) 

    A note from the parent to the classroom teacher is required on the following occasions:

    • If you plan to pick up your child during school hours.
    • If your child will be going home for lunch
    • If someone else will be picking up your child at school at any time
    • If you child is planning on going home with another child for a play date.
    • If your child normally rides the bus, and you plan to pick him/her up at dismissal
    • If you are planning an extended absence involving your child, please notify the office and the teacher.

    Playground Supervision:

    Our playground is supervised during arrival, primary recess, and lunch recess by our building assistants.  Our building assistants main responsibility is to ensure the safety of our students during these times.  If you child has an issue during recess, he/she should seek out the playground supervisor for assistance. 

    Playground supervision is NOT provided before 7:45 AM or after school hours.  Students should not arrive to school before 7:45 AM nor stay without parent supervision after 2:45 PM (2:10 PM on Wed.). 

    Students will remain indoors for recess when the thermometer reaches an equivalent temperature of 0 F (zero degree temperature or zero degree wind chill) or when it is raining outside.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for all types of weather.  Layering clothes is always a safe bet, as the weather tends to change throughout the day. 

    Prohibited Items:

    For the safety of all students, please do not allow your child to bring the following items on the bus or to school:  spray bottles, aerosol cans, hairspray, perfume, matches, lighters, and glass bottles.  Students should never have in their possession or on their person any item that could be constructed as a weapon or resemble a weapon.  A weapon is defined as any physical object that could potentially do harm to another person.  A student that brings such an object to school is subject to disciplinary measures as outlined in the School Bell.

    In addition, please do not allow your child to bring walkmans/IPODS, trading cards, handheld video games, personal electronic devices, or other personal items of sentimental or monetary value.  These items are easily lost during the school day, and the school can not be responsible for the security of these items.  Cell phones are not allowed in the classrooms.  Cell phones must be kept in the student’s locker or backpack and must be turned off.

    School Closing:

    Barrington 220 has implemented a notification and communication system via Infinite Campus. This system will be used to alert of you of the following: School Closing due to inclement weather, Unplanned Early Dismissal, Emergency Situations (school closure, evacuation, etc.), and Evening Event Cancellation due to inclement weather. You will receive information on how to update/revise your profile so that we have accurate contact information.

    School closing due to severe weather or other unusual circumstances are also posted on the district website and social media accounts and are announced between 6:30-8:00 a.m. on the following AM radio stations:  WMAQ-670, WGN-720, WBBM-780, WSCR-820, WRMN-1410.  Also:  WTMX-FM-101.9, WXET-FM-105.5, WGN-TV-Channel 9.

    Safety Drills:

    Periodically, we conduct safety drills so that our staff and students are prepared in the event an emergency situation should arise.  Per state code, we will conduct three fire drills, with one under the supervision of the Barrington Fire Department.  Typically, we conduct two fire drills in the fall and one in the spring.  Additionally, in the fall, we conduct a bus evacuation drill with Barrington Transportation Company.  In the spring, we also conduct a tornado drill.  In addition to the weather related safety drills, annually, we practice a lock-down safety drill with our students and staff. 

    In many instances we will provide advance notice of these drills to our staff, parents, and students.  However, there are times when it is necessary to practice an “unannounced” safety drill to create the most real life situation.  If your child has concerns related to any of these types of safety drills, please notify the classroom teacher.

    School Hours:

    1st - 5th Grades:
    8:00 AM – 2:40 PM (M, T, TH, F)
    Wednesday Dismissal:  2:10 PM

    8:00 AM – 2:40 PM (M, T, TH, F)
    Wednesday Dismissal: 2:10 PM


    Parents, volunteers and visitors must enter the building through the main entrance and proceed directly to the main office.  ALL visitors must sign-in and collect a visitor’s badge from the main office.  It is important that you be acknowledged by the front office personnel.  We like to warmly welcome everyone who visits our school.  It is also our responsibility to know who is in the building and in what locations. 

    We also use an electronic identification system call the Raptor Identification System.  This system requires visitors to present a photo I.D. that can be scanned into our data system screening all our visitors to our school. 

    *For 2021-22 school year, follow current Covid-19 mitigation for visitors in our school.


    The district and North Barrington School uses our website as a communication vehicle for parents.  The District website contains general information about the district, employment opportunities, School Board information, district program and services, emergency closing information, and links to all the school buildings.  You can access the North Barrington School website through the district website.  The North Barrington School website contains information about important events and dates, principal newsletters, links to teacher/classroom webpages, the school calendar, and a link to the PTO website.