• What are dues?

    Dues are contributions from families with students at Lines in order to become full members of the PTO. Families that are full members of the PTO can serve as chairs on committees and also serve on the Executive Board for the school year. PTO dues cover a variety of expenses, including school assemblies, school-wide programming and basic costs for running the PTO. Because the dues do not cover the full costs of all of the programs and events we put on, there will be additional fundraising and event fees throughout the year. Have additional questions? Email us at LinesPTOInfo@gmail.com. The 2018/19 dues are $25/family. There is also an option to buy a shirt for your student at a price of $6 per shirt until September 10.


    How do we pay dues?

    One of the most frequent questions we get about PTO Dues is "How do I pay them??"

    How to pay dues in several easy steps...


    First, go to Barrington220.org/webstore.

    Next, login. This is the same login you used to pay your school fees, add money to lunch accounts and so on.

    Once you are logged in, you should see this screen with a drop down menu at the top under the "Shop" header:

    Welcome screen

    Please select the "PTO" button.

    That will bring you to this page:

    PTO selection

    Please click "Arnett C. Lines" to select our school.

    And then select membership:


    Select "Arnett C. Lines PTO Membership 2018-19" (or any event or item you may want to purchase or RSVP to).

    Fill out the form:


    Even thought the fee is $25 per family, you will need to enter each child separately if you are purchasing a shirt. For the first child, select "Family membership" and finish the form and click "Add to cart." For all other children, select "I already paid membership dues," finish the form and click "Add to cart."



    Click "Checkout."  Done!