• We believe in providing our Barrington 220 community with an exemplary educational system that inspires all learners to achieve excellence. We aspire to be among the very best school systems within a global community, with students who are well-prepared to make a life, a living, and a difference. The beliefs described in this philosophy are intended to serve as a frame of reference, the direction by which all district policies, resources, and energies are aimed and applied.

    We believe it is essential to: 

    • Promote a climate where a child's personal signature, his or her distinctive way of learning and creating, is something to be preserved and developed.
    • Support, challenge, and guide each learner in intellectual, personal, social, aesthetic, and leadership development.
    • Foster the development and maintenance of a caring and respectful learning environment that instills in all learners a lifelong love of learning, a commitment to good character, and a devotion to service.
    • Provide an environment with high academic and ethical standards, where all learners engage in inquiry, creative thinking, teamwork, and the implementation of democratic principles.
    • Provide programs which foster all learners to develop an understanding of self, to grow in emotional maturity, and to maintain physical health and wellness.
    • Provide curricular and co-curricular experiences that promote collaboration and encourage all learners to recognize and appreciate diversity and the awareness of global interdependence.
    • Provide all learners with clear expectations, ongoing assessment, and self-evaluation opportunities that enable them to personally monitor and improve their performance and achieve their educational goals.
    • Provide a fluid and well-articulated educational journey, PreK - 12, for all learners.
    • Provide safe, well-equipped, and well-maintained physical facilities that enable effective learning. 

    Consistent with our philosophical beliefs, we are committed to ensuring that all Barrington 220 graduates will be able to demonstrate evidence of:

    • A disciplined mind, that can think well and appropriately in the major disciplines.
    • A synthesizing mind, that can sift through a large amount of information, decide what is important, and put it together in ways that make sense for oneself and for others.
    • A creative mind, that can raise new questions, come up with novel solutions, and think outside of the box.
    • A respectful mind, that honors the differences among individuals and groups, and tries to understand them and work productively with them; and
    • An ethical mind, that thinks, beyond selfish interests, about the kind of worker one aspires to be, and the kind of citizen one should be.