Interest on Investment

  • Barrington 220 invests cash received from property taxes until it is needed to meet payroll and operating expenses. The District follows state law and Board of Education policy in determining investments. The investment objectives are:
    1. Safety of Principal - Every investment is made with safety as the primary and over-riding concern. Each investment transaction shall ensure that capital loss, whether from credit or market risk, is avoided.
    2. Liquidity - The investment portfolio shall provide sufficient liquidity to pay District obligations as they become due. In this regard, the maturity and marketability of investments shall be considered.
    3. Rate of Return - The highest return on investments is sought, consistent with the preservation of principal and prudent investment principles.
    4. Diversification - The investment portfolio is diversified as to materials and investments, as appropriate to the nature, purpose, and amount of the funds.
    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Dr. David Bein
    Assistant Superintendent of Business Services/Chief School Business Official