Student Services Resources

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    Social Emotional Resources
    Barrington District #220 is strongly committed to building children's social, emotional and academic competencies. The Student Services support team is an important part of this community that fosters respect, responsibility and caring through instructional programs, activities and a partnership between parents, administrators, teachers and the community in raising children. Because of this, we feel that students have the right to feel safe and emotionally supported in school. As part of our efforts to increase communication and provide for the social emotional well being of students, we have provided the following online communication system. Click on this link to access several area resources.

    Barrington Area Special Voices
    Barrington Area Special Voices will work to provide advocacy, education, and social growth opportunities, and promote acceptance for children with special needs, and their families, in the Barrington area. You can visit their website at BA Special Voices Organization.

    Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association (NISRA)
    NISRA provides year round recreation activities for people with disabilities. Since 1976, children and adults of all ability levels have enjoyed socializing, building skills and having fun in hundreds of weekly programs, special events, camps and trips each year. You can visit their website at NISRA Home.

    NWSRA Northwest Special Recreation Association
    NWSRA provides year round recreation activities for people with disabilities. NWSRA strives for each participant to function at his/her highest level of ability. Benefits of participation include increased socialization and community awareness, development of new leisure skills, increased physical and emotional well being, and increased self esteem, all in a fun, safe and structured recreation environment. You can visit their website at the NWSRA home page.

    Barrington Youth and Family Services (BYFS)
    Barrington Youth & Family Services (BYFS) is a nonprofit organization that has served the Barrington area for 35 years. Our service boundaries coincide with CUSD #220 and we work with families living in Barrington, Cuba, Dundee, and Ela Townships located in NW Cook, SW Lake and NE Kane counties. This gives us the unique capability to develop or modify programs and services to respond to emerging issues in the Barrington area identified by municipal, school, church, and other community leaders. You can visit their website at BYFS Home Page.

    Illinois Student Records Keeper for Parents of Students who Received Special Education Services
    This booklet is for parents to use to keep important information about their child and his/her special education and related services. It is a companion to Educational Rights and Responsibilities: Understanding Special Education in Illinois.

    Records play an important role as you plan your child’s education. Dates, people, meetings and reports are important throughout your child’s educational career. The records keeper was developed to assist parents in preparing for Individualized Education Program (IEP) and transition meetings; getting ready for evaluations and reevaluations; and keeping track of paperwork and other materials.

    This booklet cross-references the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) publication, Educational Rights and Responsibilities: Understanding Special Education in Illinois. At the bottom of each page, locate the page number(s) that references a section or pages in the guide. The guide offers information to increase your knowledge and understanding about the topic or issue.   

    Additional Useful Websites