Assistive Technology (AT)

  • In Barrington 220, we are committed to providing tool for all students to access and use when needed. We follow a UDL (Universal Design for Learning) approach and have many tools and resources for all students to access. In special services, every team considers the need for AT for all students with IEPs and 504 plans. They consider tools and programs that the student may need to promote independence in their area(s) of need. We have created consideration forms to assist teams with the Assistive Technology (AT) consideration process. It is important to look at the student's individual needs and begin with low tech items first.

    What is Assistive Technology? (AT)

    Assistive technology is anything that you can purchase, modify, or create that allows a student to access the curriculum. There is assistive technology for all academic areas including; reading, math, studying, organization, Executive functioning, writing, note taking, communication, computer access, access to materials, aids for daily living. It can be anything from a simple, low tech device such as a pencil grip, to a complex, high tech device such as a dynamic display communication system. 

    Who would benefit from using Assistive Technology?

    AT is considered annually for all students with an IEP, but any student may benefit from using assistive technology. This includes students with the following: IEPs, 504 plans, RtI plans, or any other identified need.

    What is the process for considering AT?

    Each year the educational team considers the need for AT for students.  Staff are knowledgeable about the resources available in district and have access to these tools in all of the schools. If teams need additional support for individual students, they contact the Assistive Technology Coordinator. This initiates the process to further compile information from the school staff, parents, and student. The focuses is to match the students’ needs with an AT tool to enhance access to their curriculum and optimize performance through the SETT framework. (Parent Information Form)

    Are there Parent Trainings I can attend?

    Yes! There are scheduled district trainings that parents are welcome to attend (see below). For additional training or support, please contact Kelly Key to set up an individual or small group training on a specific tool or program.  

    Upcoming Trainings

    If you are interested in attending a workshop, please contact Kelly Key at


    Can the assistive technology go home?

    This is to be determined by the educational team. If the student requires AT for homework and it is a recommendation of the IEP or 504 team, then it will go home after software or equipment agreement form is signed. Click here to download a copy of the form


    How can I guarantee my child will get the AT they need?

    If it is the team’s recommendation, it will be described in your child’s IEP or 504 plan. It will also be communicated between teachers who work with your child.   Please contact your child’s case manager with any questions, or to initiate an assistive technology consulation.  


Assistive Technology Resources Available in Barrington 220

    • Handbook
    • Toolboxes - Our Education Foundation has provided us the funds to provide each of our schools with two AT Toolboxes. The toolboxes contain low and mid tech tools from each of the academic areas to trial with students.
    • AAC Assessment Kits & Core Vocabulary Initiative- Our district has adopted a district wide core vocabulary approach for promoting independence with communication. This may look a little different for different student needs. Click here to see an example of a core vocabulary board.
    • AT Committee - Our AT Committee meets monthly to learn from one another and collaborate on new district AT initiatives.
    • Building Point People - Members from our AT Committee are AT “go to” people in their building(s) for questions regarding AT procedures or tools.
    • Consideration Paperwork We have district paperwork to gather information at the start of an individual AT Consideration Process. Click here to download the Parent Information Form.
    • Lending Library - In addition to our low tech tool library, we also have a wide variety of mid and high tech tools and programs for staff to check out and trial in our district office.
    • Programs available for all students (ie: SOLO)-We are committed to making tools and programs available for all students in district. SOLO by Don Johnston is available on every computer. This is 4 programs in one to support reading and writing; Read:outloud, Write:outloud, Co:Writer, and Draftbulider. We also have many other programs available district wide. For more information click here. To obtain a copy of SOLO for your home computer, email  Please note if you need a Mac or PC version.
    • Assistive Technology Coordinator - Kelly Key, Barrington 220's Assistive Technology Coordinator is available to assist teams with assistive technology assessment, training, and consultation. 

    Web Resources

    For more information about AT that may support your child, please contact your child’s case manager