• Multi-Tiered System of Suppports (MTSS) is a comprehensive framework designed to improve outcomes for ALL learners.  This objective accomplished by systematically and proactively identifying which students need additional academic and/or behavioral support, planning how to provide support, and monitoring students' progress or response to intervention. The process of determining what type and level of support students need within the MTSS framework is driven by the following questions:

    What is it we want students to know and be able to do?

    How will we know when each student has achieved the identified goal or goals?

    How will we respond when students do not achieve the identified goal or goals?

    How will we extend and enrich learning for those students who have met or exceeded the goal or goals?

    MTSS Framework Components

    The major components of the MTSS framework are: universal screening, tiered instruction, progress monitoring, and data-driven decision making.

    Universal Screening
     - Assessments administered to all students at a grade level during scheduled intervals to determine which students are performing as expected and those that are performing above or below expectations.

    Tiered Instruction
     - All students receive high-quality, research-based core instruction in addition to supplemental or intensive instruction based on need.

    Progress Monitoring
     - Frequent and short assessments designed to monitor a student's growth and response to a given intervention.

    Data-driven Decision Making
     - The process of collaborative teams meeting regularly to gather and analyze data from a variety of sources for the purpose of making the best instructional decisions for students.