Extended Art Review for 5th Grade Students

  • Extended Art Screening Process

    Screening of 5th grade students for possible inclusion in the middle school program for artistically gifted students begins in April. Middle school Extended Art classes build on student interest in art and helps prepare them for the wide array of art classes at Barrington High School. 

    In order for your child to be considered for this opportunity, he/she must submit an application and portfolio of artwork that needs to be completed and returned to your child's art teacher. The portfolios will be evaluated by a team of art teachers, and notification of placements will be sent out by the end of May. 

    Questions related to the Extended Art program may be directed to the art teacher in your child's school. Duplicate information can also be found on your art teacher’s web page, along with copies of the application packet.

    Thank you for supporting your children in their interest in visual art!

    Informational Packets

    Click here for informational packets regarding extended art and creating a portfolio for review: 

    Extended Visual Arts Application Packet (English)

    Extended Visual Arts Application Packet (Spanish)

    Visual Arts at Barrington High School 

    Incoming 8th grade Extended Art students can now take a Level 2 Sculpture or Drawing/Painting Course at Barrington High School. 

    FAQ's: Visual Arts Program at BHS

    Q: Is there a general art or art foundation class that freshmen take?

    A: No. All of our visual arts classes are multi-level, so freshmen can jump right into a specific area that interests them: Draw/Paint I, Contemporary Sculpture I, Printmaking I, Ceramics I, Digital Photography I, Jewelry/Metals I, Woods I, or Film Photography I.

    Q: If I start with level I in any visual arts classes mentioned above, do I have to stick with that area for levels II, III, etc.?

    A: No. You may pick and choose from our many visual arts offerings throughout your four years of high school.   Some students try out several areas in their freshman and sophomore years, while others stick with one area. It’s up to you.

    Q: If I was in extended art in middle school, do I get preference in scheduling an art class or can I enter a class at level II?

    A: Yes. You should get priority scheduling. Please let our Department Chair, Brigid Tileston know if you have difficulty getting into a visual arts section. You may also enter either Draw/Paint or Contemporary Sculpture at level II if you were in Extended Art in middle school.

    Q: When does Art Club meet and what do they do?

    A: Art Club meets once a week on Thursday after school. Students decide on projects once the group meets. Projects may include group work, such as creating a mural, or individual work.   Students who participate in Art Club may also be taking a visual arts class during the day or may not. It’s an easy-going creative group of people who enjoy making art!


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