• Q: Where can I get technical support?
    A: Tech support for your One to World device is offered at your school in the Library Media Center during school hours (including during summer school). 

    Q: What is an Apple ID?
    A: Using a personal Apple ID on a device allows students to have personalized learning experiences. For students under 13, Apple IDs are provided and managed by Barrington 220. An Apple ID provides easy access to documents, textbooks, and other class materials. With an Apple ID, students can:

    • Receive app licenses and redeem codes for textbooks purchased on the student’s behalf.
    • Take notes in iBooks and access them on all their iOS devices and Mac.
    • Enroll in iTunes U courses (if offered by teachers).
    • Access education content.
    • Add appropriate personal content to school-owned MacBook Air laptops.

    An Apple ID also allows students to use iCloud so they can access content on multiple devices from anywhere. iCloud allows students to:

    • Keep certain types of documents up to date between home and school devices.
    • Keep personal content, such as contacts, calendars, documents, and photos up to date on all their Apple devices.
    • Back up iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch automatically.
    • Use a service to locate a lost or stolen iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac.

    Some content in this section is adapted from Apple's Apple ID Parent Guide.