Instructional Coaching Initiative

  • Instructional coaching is an on-going, job-embedded opportunity for professional development. Every student learns when every educator engages in on-going professional learning. Critical reflective practice inspires us to continually learn and improve. We invest in people and want to increase our capacity of teachers and leaders.

    "Instructional coaching is fundamentally about teachers, teacher leaders, school administrators and central office leaders examining practice in reflective ways with a strong focus on student learning and results as the ultimate barometer of improvement."- Annenberg Institute for School Reform

Roles & Responsibilities

  • • As Classroom Supporters, our instructional coaches will seek to increase the quality and effectiveness of classroom instruction by creating reciprocal, learning-focused relationships supporting self-directed learning by collaborating with teachers and groups of teachers, modeling or demonstrating best practices and observing instruction with reflective feedback on classroom instruction. Our instructional coaches will ensure that student data is used to drive instruction decisions at the classroom and school level.
    • As Instructional Specialists, our instructional coaches will seek to align the curriculum to meet the needs of all students and assist teachers with the implementation of effective and researched-based strategies to improve instruction.
    •  As Learning Facilitators, our instructional coaches serve as a provider of professional development through coaching cycles and plan for others to provide professional development; and coordinate or facilitate other forms of professional development, such as modeling, demonstrations and lesson studies.
    • As Data Coaches, our instructional coaches collaborate with teachers to analyze formative and summative student achievement and growth data, thus driving instructional decisions to improve student learning.
    • As Professional Learning Facilitator, our instructional coaches design and provide effective professional learning opportunities before, during and after school in multiple settings.