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  • The iPad is sent home so students can continue their learning outside of school. We ask parents to partner with us in reasonably monitoring students’ activity and access when using a district device outside of the district. When the devices are at school, our security filters and adults monitor students. When the devices are outside of school, they use the same guidelines or systems that you have established for other devices you already own. The guidelines listed in this document are intended to protect our students, create shared understandings, and provide positive learning experiences in and out of school.

    English - One to World Information & Agreements (2019-22)
    En Español - Información y Acuerdos de One to World (2019-22)

    Disenrollment of Students & Technology Agreement

    This form should be completed when a child’s absence will occur for nine or more days which is considered an unexcused absence. Please complete the form, read the Important Technology Note, and return this form with your signature to the Building Principal or Designee.
    7:70 AP, E1 - Exhibit - Disenrollment of Students & Technology Agreement (PDF)

    Retiro de Inscripción Escolar y Acuerdo de Tecnología

    Este formulario debe completarse cuando la ausencia de un niño ocurra durante nueve o más días, lo que se considera una ausencia injustificada. Complete el formulario, lea la Importante Nota de Tecnología y devuelva con su firma al Director del Edificio o su designado.
    7:70 AP, E1 - Formulario - Retiro de Inscripción Escolar y Acuerdo de Tecnología (PDF)