Global/Social Studies

  • The primary purpose of the social studies program is citizenship education. The curriculum places a major emphasis on geography, which includes map skills. Current events are studied in each grade.

    Grade 1
    Students explore what makes them unique and their place in the home and family. They learn about their school, their homes, national and state holidays, and community helpers.

    Grade 2

    Emphasis shifts from the students to the world immediately surrounding them. They find out about people living in their neighborhood and different kinds of neighborhoods.

    Grade 3

    The focus is on local and regional communities. Students study how communities provide rules, services, and room for growth and change for the people who live in them. The local communities, region of Chicago, and State of Illinois are examined in depth. A map skills program provides the basis for the study of Illinois.

    Grade 4

    The diversity of states and regions of North America is studied in fourth grade. Students investigate the American landscape—mountains, deserts, and plains. They delve into specific regions of the U.S.—Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and the West. U.S. History, focusing on the early years up to the Civil War, is introduced. Students learn how Americans depend on each other as well as how Americans make decisions together.

    Grade 5
    U.S. and World Geography are the focus of the fifth grade curriculum. The relationship between different regions of the world is studied. U.S. History from the Civil War to the present is studied.