Educational Technology

  • Computer Education
    The computer curriculum teaches students to use computers as tools. The goal is to make students more productive and more accurate and to expand the environment in which they learn. In kindergarten through second grade, students become familiar with computers and learn how to use software programs. They are taught the vocabulary of computers, primary word processing skills, and a variety of software programs. The goal is to be able to use a computer independently by the end of second grade. Third and fourth grade students use computer software as part of the instructional program. Classroom instruction is reinforced through tutorial, drill, and practice software programs. Students in third, fourth and fifth grade receive instruction in keyboarding, word processing, and the use of software to demonstrate their knowledge of content after which they use computers as the primary tool for their writing activities. The district provides one computer for every four students in each of these classrooms.

student on ipad
  • Library-Media Center
    Each school contains a comprehensive library-media center staffed by a full-time certified school library-media specialist and equipped with a wide variety of print and non-print materials. In order to maximize the district resources available to students and staff, a computerized card catalog has been developed. Each school can access information from the card catalogs of the other ten schools in the district. A library-media curriculum serves as the basis for developing cooperative partnerships between the library-media specialist and the classroom teacher. This curriculum emphasizes information retrieval skills, critical thinking skills, and the selection of quality literature for independent reading.