• Physical Education Uniform Rental Policy

    The Barrington students are expected to wear the District 220 P.E. uniform each day to class. The P.E. uniform consists of black/red reversible shirt (with logo), shorts (with logo), and gym shoes. P.E. sweats are also acceptable to be worn for the uniform. The sweats consists of the red sweatshirt, (with logo), and black sweatpants (with logo). Failure to comply with the BHS uniform policy will negatively affect the student’s grade. Both the uniform and sweats can be purchased in the P.E. office.

    Shirt $10.00

    Shorts $10.00

    Sweatpants $15.00

    Sweatshirt $20.00

    In the event a student forgets their uniform or does not have it with them for class, that student does have the option, and will be strongly encouraged to rent all or part of his/her uniform from the PE rental booth. This will allow the student to still be dressed and able to participate in class without losing credit. The cost of such rental is $1.00 per day. Students can rent a uniform even if they cannot pay for it the dayof, but that will be noted and the student will be held accountable for that money. If the student does not re-pay the $1.00 within that week of class, it will be reflected on his/her obligation list regarding fees.