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    Provides access to a wide variety of popular and educational eBooks, & audiobooks. Browse, check out, and download to: Windows® PC, Mac®, iPod®, iPhone®,iPad®, Sony® Reader, NOOK™, Android™, BlackBerry®, Kindle® and Windows® Phone. Get the App for your device & begin downloading immediately!

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    Follett Shelf 

    Read books from any device that has a live internet connection. No downloading…just live reading.
    Teachers: Blast an eBook onto your interactive whiteboard to capture the attention of the entire class
    Students: Read a book from your device (with an internet connection).

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    Listen to Audio books from Follett using your free Catalist app.This works on any device that is app activated. Get the App for your device! Download only available app!
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    Project Gutenberg 

    Is the largest collection of free electronic books that can be read on or offline.  Many of the classics are available through this site as well as some self-published titles by contemporary authors. 

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    Please note: Books for all ages can be found at this site.