Visual Arts, 3-D

  • The sculpture program at Barrington High School is a community of artists working in a dynamic range of media and approaches. Students have opportunities to work with metal, clay, wood, plaster, and stone, as well as unconventional media. These materials, and the process of learning to fabricate with them, are skills that students will carry with them long after the class has ended.

    Visiting artists, off-campus exhibitions, field trips and extracurricular clubs are important features of the program. Historical, political and personal context are all emphasized. The 3-D program offers college-level studio equipment and professional gallery space to display their work.

    After taking a 3-D course at Level I,  students may  progress through advanced levels for as many semesters as they wish.

    3-D courses are offered at Level I, II, III, IV, Advanced, Advanced Honors, and AP.

  • Visual Arts 3D Course Chart