• No prior dance experience is necessary to enroll in a dance class.  The general student population, as well as athletes and actors, are encouraged to enroll in dance their junior and senior year.  Dance Movement Studies is a year long course that students may elect to take in place of a regular physical education class.  Three levels of Dance Movement Classes are offered.  Students begin in Level I their first year; Level II is designed for students who have completed Dance I Movement Studies, and have developed the necessary skills and knowledge to move on to the next level.  Level III is a class designed for junior and senior Orchesis members as a highly challenging culmination of all facets of the art form.

    Participants will have a wide variety of opportunities to experience dance genres such as Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and Musical Theatre, along with related concepts in improvisation, choreography, performance skills, anatomy, and dance history.  The latest fitness-based programs and wellness trends such as Pilates, Yoga and focus techniques are an integral part of the program. All these components help participants with body awareness, skill development, coordination, flexibility, musicality, concentration, and confidence. 

    Dance Movement Studies gives students the ability to use their innate creativity in choreographing movement phrases.  To enable success in this creative realm, the choreographic tools are introduced, manipulated, and used in numerous group projects.

    Unique to our program, dance students of all levels have Artist-in-Residence experiences.  During these Artist-,in-Residence experiences, students participate in classes taught by professional dancers and choreographers from the Chicago area. Professional full-length dance concerts are performed in our auditorium for our dance students and community members.