• Visual art students progress through studio courses of their choice, among which are Ceramics, Design/Sculpture, Drawing/Painting, Metal and Jewelry Arts, Darkroom Photography, Digital Photography and Printmaking. Students will be eligible to apply for honors credit after completing four semesters in ceramics, design, jewelry, drawing/painting, photography or printmaking. Independent study may be requested by seniors who have successfully completed the fourth level of a given studio, and wish to study intensely in that medium.

    2-D classes in Drawing/Painting, Printmaking, and Photography are multi-level courses with emphasis on process, composition, technique, and concept.   Assignments are designed to encourage individual creativity and meet various levels of experience.  After taking a 2-D course at Level I,  students may  progress through advanced levels as many semesters as they wish. 2-D courses are offered at Level I, II, III, IV, Advanced, Advanced Honors, and AP.

Fine Arts Course Path photo