Assessment in Barrington 220

  • Barrington 220 believes understanding students is much more than a single score on an assessment.  We strive to ascertain with some depth the uniqueness of our students and the talents and gifts they offer  - some of which are not measurable on a test.  A student with a quick wit who can make any room more inviting with his/her presence is not measurable on a standardized exam.  The natural artist whose voice, musical acumen, or works of art can swell emotion in the heart of the observer will not be reflected on a standardized test.  While we recognize the importance of the totality of student, we also hold as our mission to produce college and career ready students with a strong academic foundation.  Our assessment program is designed to achieve that end. 

    Our assessment plan not only helps Barrington 220 understand the proficiency of our learners in core areas of the curricula but also helps us diagnose and monitor academic progress.  We are committed to making certain our students reach their highest academic potential through a studied use of assessment measurements.

    The information on this webpage is designed to provide an overview of the assessment program, dispense information regarding various assessments, and provide timely updates as the field of assessment rapidly changes to keep pace with many state and national initiatives. 

  • Dr. Ben Ditkowsky
    Director of Data and Program Evaluation