Activities & Athletics

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  • Barrington Middle School offers a variety of athletic and non-athletic school sports and activities through interscholastic competition. We highly encourage all students to participate in these activities.


    The aim of our co-curricular program is to provide school related, age appropriate activities as an extension of the curricular programs. We believe there are valuable lessons to be learned through well supervised and well organized competitive and noncompetitive school related activities. These activities extend classroom learning and help prepare students for life.

    As members of the Suburban Middle School Conference, we adhere to the belief that the intent of our programs is to provide opportunities for students to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities with schools that also share this philosophy and understanding,

    This conference emphasizes the child’s needs. Our desire is for the student to participate, develop skills, and build confidence in one self. Our focus is in maximum participation and not end of year standings. Within limited (cut) sports, winning at the cost of maximum participation runs contrary to the belief of this conference. Each schools administrators / athletic directors are responsible for instilling this belief within their coaching staff. Every eligible team member will have the opportunity to participate in every regular season contest within limited (cut) sports.

    Finally, all participants involved in the Suburban Middle School Conference from coaches, to students, administrators, teachers and parents support and demonstrate good sportsmanship. Nothing less is expected of the fans who attend our games and activities. It is an expectation that all involved will represent their school and the conference by demonstrating good sportsmanship by cheering on their and players and recognizing good performance by others.