Barrington High School PTO
  • PTO Meeting: Sept 13th

    Welcome to the homepage for the Barrington High School PTO. With students now in high school, it's a big change from the elementary school and even middle school experience. The volunteering with your students isn't the same, and they likely don't share information at the end of the day the way they once did.

    The BHS PTO does our best to bridge the gap between school and home. The monthly PTO meetings are a wealth of information with the principal and counselors sharing need to know information and updates, as well as Board of Education represenatives sharing their updates, as well. It's a congenial meeting with plenty of time for questions so you can understand everything from when your child should start to attend College Night to learning about standardized testing plans and requirements to changes in final exam structure and concepts and more.

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  • The Barrington High School PTO welcomes everyone to their next meeting on Monday, Dec 13th at 9:15 a.m.
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