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2022-2023 Theme 

Each school year Superintendent of Schools Dr. Robert Hunt launches a theme for the district. The theme for the 2021-22 school year was #SeetheStudent220. The theme for the 2022-23 school year will be announced August 19, 2022. Stay tuned!


"Barrington 220 has been recognized at the local, state and national levels for excellence in public education. This is a result of a committed staff, talented students and a community willing to support innovation in education. The district consistently strives to improve the student experience to better personalize and challenge our students, resulting in students that are prepared socially, emotionally and academically to experience success in our world."

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Innovation 220

The Barrington 220 School District is a nationally recognized school district known for its rich history, sense of community and innovative curriculum.

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    We Are Barrington

    I feel like Barrington High School has really prepared me for the next level. Whenever I have a question, every single one of my teachers always helps me in class. They're always kind and respectful and no matter how long it takes for me to understand something, they wait and help me learn it. Garvin St. JohnBHS Student

    Barrington 220 is a place where students establish the fundamentals to forge their own paths. We read, write, think, discuss, and create. As a current faculty member and proud graduate of Countryside, Prairie, and BHS, I look forward to working with students every day to create the next generation of thinkers, learners, and creators. There's nowhere else I'd rather teach. I'm proud to work in Barrington 220 and I'm glad you're here.Cary WaxlerBHS Social Studies Teacher

    Barrington 220 is an innovative school district that provides a breadth of offerings which prepare students to successfully pursue their passions. The support of our community is second to none. I am proud to serve on the Barrington 220 Board of Education! Sandra Ficke-BradfordBoard of Education President

    Photo of Zar Roman

    Barrington 220 has done a great job with building avenues for us to explore. For example, there's choir, band and orchestra to explore the fine arts. There's robotics club, scholastic bowl, speech tournament, spelling bee. You can learn about languages, you can learn about cultures, you can learn about different types of people in general. Zar RomanStation Student

    Photo of Cami Ford

    I really like the Barrington 220 School District because I think it's an enjoyable place and I feel like when you walk into any building it's a positive environment. Cami FordBHS Student

    Photo of Emerson Wulbecker

    I love how Barrington 220 schools offer a bunch of unique opportunities such as the Spanish Dual Language Program, which I am fortunate to be a part of. It's such an eye-opening experience and when you get older it's almost a sense of biculturalism, which I think is a very awesome to be a part of.Emerson WulbeckerPrairie student