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Program Overview - Structure of the Spanish Dual Language Program
The Dual Language program is comprised of classes whose students are 50% native English speakers and 50% native Spanish speakers. Classes in kindergarten, first and second grade are taught by highly qualified bilingual teachers who are assisted by bilingual aides. Each student develops literacy in Spanish. By mid second grade, English literacy instruction begins. Thus, in the intermediate grades, one teacher may be English dominant and one may be Spanish dominant. Instructional materials are available in both languages and correspond to the adopted curriculum for district 220 for each grade level. As students progress through the program, they will master academic content skills in both languages as teachers vary the language in which the content units are taught.
District 220 has adopted the 90-10 format for the dual language program. Research shows this to be a more effective model than the 50-50. In the 90-10 model, instruction in kindergarten and first grade will be delivered 90% in Spanish and 10% in English.
  • For each subsequent year, the percentage of Spanish is decreased by 10% and increased in English. By fifth grade, instruction in the two languages is a balanced 50 - 50%. It is the district's goal that the program continue into middle and high school, as a Spanish enrichment program that will support the goals of the dual language program.
  • If you are interested in having your child join the next kindergarten cohort, go to Important Dates/Information (tab on the left) for the date of our Informational Meeting. At that time, you will learn more about the program and be able to fill out an English DL Interest Card; Spanish DL Interest Card . If you already have an interest, click on the links now (colored "interest card" text to the left). If you are ready to apply, click on SDL English Enrollment FormSDL Spanish Enrollment Form.  Slightly more spaces are available for native English speakers. This reflects the fact that native Spanish speakers can still join the program in first grade, while native English speakers can not.
Goals - Bilingual, Biliterate and Bicultural Dual Language, also known as Two-Way Immersion (TWI), is a compelling and well researched instructional approach that provides a challenging enriched curriculum from which students emerge bilingual, biliterate and bicultural. The dual language program is an additive bilingual program because it honors the native language of all speakers. It does not attempt to supplant one language with another. As a result, all students simultaneously serve as both language models and language learners.